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You will learn surfing basics, surfing safety rules, how to pop-up on the board, ride along the wave and perform turns. And if you surfed before, but feel a bit rusty, you can refresh your skills with the help of our experienced instructors.

The lessons are two and a half hours long (two hours spent in the water) in the groups of up to 9 people with several instructors per group. Lessons run every day for all level on Soft-top or Mini-mal boards. Lessons start time depends on the tide at that day, so please confirm the time with the school administrator when booking the lesson. Booking must be done at least one day in advance. Many people find surfing physically demanding, especially in the beginning, so one lesson per day should be more than enough. If you decide to take several lessons, please remember that you will need to rest every third or forth day to recover. Consider this when you plan your holidays.


short lesson (1,5 hours) $35
1 day lesson $50
2 day lesson $95
3 day lesson $140
4 day lesson $180
5 day lesson $220
6 day lesson $260
One day surf trip (2 surf lessons)  $100

What is included?

Instructor time

Photo-coaching after the lesson
Surf-clothing rental
Surfboard rental
Health ensurance
Transfer from and to the hotel (please check car availability with the administrator when booking the lesson)
Fresh water shower, fresh personal towel, drinking water, personal locker and WiFi
Children up to 14 years old will have dedicated personal instructors looking after each of them