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Batik Course

Motifs of batik continue to diversify. Nowadays the motifs of batik reach up to 400 types. To learn the secrets of beautiful dots is possible with the local masters.


Surfing is a life! Don't miss your chance to try the most trending sport in Bali with its perfect ways all year long!

Canyoning training course

Did you try canyoning adventure in Bali? You wish to go further practicing canyoning autonomously and safely? You could learn it here in Bali according to FFS and EFC standards.


Trying to learn to fly a paraglider on your own - people truly can fly! In just a few short days, you will go from controlling the canopy, to actually flying up in the sky! It is really quite an exhilarating experience and one we recommend to everyone! You will enjoy a wonderful view of the boundless ocean and may be even will touch a cloud on the blue sky!


It is an interesting journey to learn another culture! The cultural workshops can enhance and enrich your experience of Bali through deeper understanding of its arts and culture. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced, so it is a unique opportunity to learn from a master!

Dive Courses

Learning to dive is a challenge; moreover, it is an enjoyable challenge! So don't miss it up and join us to take PADI courses provided by British owned and managed diving company. With PADI's internationally recognized certifications you would be able to dive anywhere in the world, so once you decide to take your course, you will definitely want to explore more diving destinations in Bali or even beyond - one of the spectacular diving sites - Komodo National Park.


Get to know unique Balinese rejuvenation and beauty secrets that are taught in the professional courses. All the products are used are natural and made from fresh local ingredients. They are called jamu - the old Indonesian heritage of elixirs and remedies for health and beauty that has been passed down through generations of Indonesian women. The professional therapist and experienced team of trainers will guide you through the steps of traditional treatments and massage therapies.


Relax, away from the crowds and everyday problems! Riding a horse is an amazing feeling. You feel the horse's power and it is your power too. Its as if you can read each other's minds and you are of one heart. There can be a sense of euphoria when traveling at high speeds, taking jumps, riding a pattern - a feeling of accomplishment and being in control, yet free at the same time. So, come and get it!

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