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The island of Sumatra, of 435 thousand km, the real tropical paradise for those who are looking for adventures. Only here it is possible to go through the jungle in search of wild orangutans or a rare flower of raffleziya, and here to plunge into cool water of the world largest volcanic lake located on the island. The island of Sumatra is the sixth island in size in the world, is halved by the equator almost. The highest point — an active volcano of Kerintji, or Indrapur (3805 m) settles down in the central part of the Barisansky mountain ridge. About 73 thousand years ago on the island of Sumatra there was a huge explosion of a volcano of Toba. As a result on a place of explosion the funnel with a diameter about 100 km was formed, and 800 cubic kilometers of a dust got to the atmosphere and ashes. This event had, according to scientists, drama consequences as provoked 1800-year ice age. Now on this place the biggest lake of Indonesia - the volcanic lake Toba feeding 120 meter falls of Sipiso-Piso is located. Lake length - 100 km, width - 40 km, the area 1145 km², lake depth - 433-450 m. In the center of the lake the island Samosir, of 530 km² settles down. On the lake of Sumatra 272 species of fishes, 196 species of mammals, 456 bird species, 194 species of reptiles, 62 species of amphibians live.


WILD TREKKING IN SUMATRA [3 days/2 nights]

You will be trekking along the wildest places rainforests of Sumatra in search of orangutans: pristine jungles, where rarely gone before, this amazing journey is for the bravest explorer! Cozy accomodation situated among lush jungle will add a sense of detachment from the usual noisy civilization.


MEETING ORANGUTANS [3 days/2 nights]

Arrange a visit to the orangutans, who live in the rain forests of Sumatra. It offers tropical landscapes, brief trekking in the jungle and the opportunity to see firsthand the Sumatran orangutans, their habits and lifestyle. This is an amazing opportunity to feel like a naturalist-explorer in one of the most beautiful wilderness areas. Now orangutans are on the verge of extinction, and the rain forests of Sumatra are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


TRIP TO NORTH SUMATRA [5 days/4 nights]

You will spend an amazing time on the beautiful island of Sumatra by beginning trekking in search of orangutans, and then resting in the cool volcanic shores of the great Lake Toba and familiarizing with the culture and traditions of the people of Batak. All of these are backed by the unique nature of the island, scenic landscapes, oil-yielding plantations along the roads, the possibility of observing a distinctive behavior of people in the villages.

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