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Bali Safari & Marine Park is a home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered ones. Combining Balinese cultural environment with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park features Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and many other fascinating creatures.


Fantastic adventure in the Green Camp is more than fun for your kids. All activities intend to develop love and respect for nature whilst developing awareness, courage, responsibility and self-esteem. Green Camp strives to instill a sense of ownership for the nature in every kid that attends it. It is this sense of ownership, of belonging to and being an integrated part of, that will see children actively take on board new knowledge and thus go forth with desire to help protect and make positive change for the planet we live. Green camp is a way to re-define how we educate, provide individuals with a heightened sense of self, and create an emotional connection to the Earth!


It is coming up the long-expected family vocation! While time away is an opportunity for fun, pleasure, relaxation, and togetherness, we know planning a trip for everyone isn’t always easy. That's why we provide all information you need to make sure your family is all smiles. Get unforgettable memories by touching the nature. We are at the amazing Bali Bird Park. It is a great about 2 hectares home for almost 1000 birds of 250 different species from different Indonesian islands as well as from South America and Africa. By living in busy cities we don’t have an opportunity and much time to get close to the nature. So take a chance to touch the nature!

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