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It is an interesting journey to learn another culture! The cultural workshops can enhance and enrich your experience of Bali through deeper understanding of its arts and culture. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced, so it is a unique opportunity to learn from a master!


Spend a great time ever! Find fun activity set in an open air environment in Bali. There are for you and your kids 7 adventure circuits from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters; 72 challenges for all level and ages : Suspended bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings (and many more fun challenges); 12 flying fox up to 160m long.


The diversity of marine life and dive sites is exceptional. Once you can meet the magnificent Oceanic Sunfish, or Mola Mola, around the waters of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, whilst the next you can be searching for Pigmy Seahorses near Tepekong or disclose some secrets of wreck in Tulamben.

Dive Courses

Learning to dive is a challenge; moreover, it is an enjoyable challenge! So don't miss it up and join us to take PADI courses provided by British owned and managed diving company. With PADI's internationally recognized certifications you would be able to dive anywhere in the world, so once you decide to take your course, you will definitely want to explore more diving destinations in Bali or even beyond - one of the spectacular diving sites - Komodo National Park.


Get to know unique Balinese rejuvenation and beauty secrets that are taught in the professional courses. All the products are used are natural and made from fresh local ingredients. They are called jamu - the old Indonesian heritage of elixirs and remedies for health and beauty that has been passed down through generations of Indonesian women. The professional therapist and experienced team of trainers will guide you through the steps of traditional treatments and massage therapies.


A great performance by 150 Bali’s most talented dancers and performers with dozens of live animals Bali Agung is a new spectacular show highlighting the emergence of Bali as a prosperous island and attracting people from around the globe almost a millennium ago. Bali Agung is a totally visual show of effervescent arts, talented dancers, lives exotic animals, unique puppets, vibrant costumes, sophisticated sound and lighting on an advanced multimedia stage in a huge modern theatre.


Relax, away from the crowds and everyday problems! Riding a horse is an amazing feeling. You feel the horse's power and it is your power too. Its as if you can read each other's minds and you are of one heart. There can be a sense of euphoria when traveling at high speeds, taking jumps, riding a pattern - a feeling of accomplishment and being in control, yet free at the same time. So, come and get it!


Paragliding is a flight in its simplest form. Get a unique experience to soar high above the earth like an eagle using only the winds as your source of power. A Paraglider is a simple wing that uses "lift" to fly just the same as a bird uses the wind to do it. It is easy and safe to learn and requires no power source unlike other conventional aircraft, but it is much easier to make a tandem flight.


Om Swastyastu……is an authentic greeting of Balinese people once entering the village……
Taman Sari Buwana is a semi social activity which is developed related to sustainable tourism concept. The tourist attraction offered is referring to the potential resources of the village itself, both natural and human resources. Through this alternative tourism will do hope elevate both local skill as well as economic scale of the village.


Get your full day out the town full of exploration of marine life! We are going to Nusa Penida or Tulamben (on your choice) to enjoy all day snorkeling and swimming there. Find out the secret wreck of the American cargo ship Liberty or meet travally, parrot fishes, trigger, grouper and corals. Spend the majority of your time relaxing in the sun and snorkeling.

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