Neighbor Islands


TRIP TO RINCA ISLAND [2 days/1 night]

Upon arrival you expect amazing encounter with the legendary dragons of our days - Komodo lizards. Giant fossil reptiles, which are contemporaries of the dinosaurs and their most immediate relatives, are preserved in the same form in which they were 20 million years ago. You will also snorkle in the clear blue water off the coast of the Komodo National Park.


CLIMB Mt RINJANI [5 days/ 4 nights]

Adventure which will prepare for you trekking to the crater rim, swimming in the lake and subjugation of the summit of Mt Rinjani. Great feelings and unforgettable memories are guaranteed!


SUNRISE IN LOMBOK [4 days/3 nights]

Rinjani National Park is a magnet for experienced trekkers and for nature lovers. Сlimb to Mt. Rinjani’s Crater Rim in Gunung Rinjani National Park during 2 days and 1 night for wonderful views of the Lake Segara Anak within the volcano’s crater and sunrise! This trek will be good for beginners.


TRIP TO NORTH SUMATRA [5 days/4 nights]

You will spend an amazing time on the beautiful island of Sumatra by beginning trekking in search of orangutans, and then resting in the cool volcanic shores of the great Lake Toba and familiarizing with the culture and traditions of the people of Batak. All of these are backed by the unique nature of the island, scenic landscapes, oil-yielding plantations along the roads, the possibility of observing a distinctive behavior of people in the villages.


KOMODO DIVING-SAFARI [4 days/3 nights]

The Komodo National Park is believed to have one of the richest marine environments and known as the most amazing diving destination in South-East Asia. Its spectacular attractions are shallow reefs with beautiful coral gardens, an opportunity of diving in currents, when you can admire schools of dogtooth tunas and barracudas as well as sharks patrolling in this area. The Komodo National Park is also home for huge manta rays. During this amazing The Komodo Park diving-safari you will get as many sites as possible; hence each diving is organized in a different spot.

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