Neighbor Islands



This busy day will let you visit two the most amazing place in the island of Java during one day. First you will visit the largest Buddhist temple in the world - Borobudur. This is truly the Eighth Wonder of the world - here come the monks, Buddhists and tourists from all over the world. You also expects to visit several temples and the palace of the sultan. In the end, you will walk among the ancient buildings of Prambanan. In the main area of the complex towering three main temples dedicated to the deities of the supreme triad of the Trimurti - Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu.


THEATRE OF SHADOWS [2 days /1 night]

You will not only visit the most beautiful temples of Borobudur and Prambanan and several other temples and the palace of the Sultan, but also you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional Javanese shadow theater Wayang Kulit. The characters of the Theatre is artfully carved leather puppets: the gods, demons, kings and warriors. They speak the voice master Dalang different stories from the Ramayana.

Mt Bromo

Mt BROMO [2 days/1 night]

A visit of one of the most beautiful volcanoes of mysterious Indonesia is truly staggering emotions from the fantastic scenery from the observation deck. Despite the fact that Java is the predominantly Muslim island, in these neighborhoods, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, the villagers are Hindus and regularly hold ceremonies.


Mt IJEN [1 day/1 night]

"Poisoned" beauty is hidden in the crater of Ijen volcano. In the bowl of basalt gray walls there is a turquoise-green lake filled with a solution of a mixture of concentrated sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, and over the surface of the lake stretching sulfur plumes. The short climb leads to the lake, where you will be going to meet workers rises from the crater with 70 kg of golden pieces of solidified sulfur.


TRIP TO GILI TRAWANGAN [3 days/4 nights]

Visit the amazing island with white sand. There are no cars and motorcycles, it is convenient to walk or move around on the bike, diving and snorkelling to see a sea turtle near the coast and bask in the warm sun. There is no a place on the island where was heard to hear the sound of the ocean.


GREAT CLIMB Mt RINJANI [6 days/5 nights]

Adventure, which will prepare a spectacular climb, swim in the volcanic lake and the subjugation of Rinjani volcano. An unforgettable experience and wonderful emotions are guaranteed! Trekking requires good physical preparation and experience of several climbs.


AUTHENTIC FLORES [4 days/3 nights]

You will experience a great adventure across the island of Flores, starts off the west coast of the island and ending with the ascent to the mysterious volcano Kelimutu with its three-colored lakes. Journey introduces the traditional villages of the island, beautiful lakes, rice fields, arachnoid, and all of these definitely will bring joy to your vacation.


FLORES & RINCA [2 days/1 night]

Enjoy the atmosphere of the west coast of the island of Flores staying in a wooden house on a hill with an exceptional view of the bay in sunset light. Beside an amazing trip to Rinca, where are Komodo lizards walk around, you will be guided through the most interesting places on the western side of Flores. Night in a cozy bungalows with beautiful views of the bay will add pleasant memories.


WILD TREKKING IN SUMATRA [3 days/2 nights]

You will be trekking along the wildest places rainforests of Sumatra in search of orangutans: pristine jungles, where rarely gone before, this amazing journey is for the bravest explorer! Cozy accomodation situated among lush jungle will add a sense of detachment from the usual noisy civilization.


MEETING ORANGUTANS [3 days/2 nights]

Arrange a visit to the orangutans, who live in the rain forests of Sumatra. It offers tropical landscapes, brief trekking in the jungle and the opportunity to see firsthand the Sumatran orangutans, their habits and lifestyle. This is an amazing opportunity to feel like a naturalist-explorer in one of the most beautiful wilderness areas. Now orangutans are on the verge of extinction, and the rain forests of Sumatra are part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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