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The island of Lombok, which is about 5,4 thousand km2, is ideal for a privacy and relaxing vocation among tropical greens and silent white beaches. At the western side of the island there is a Wallace's line which is dividing biogeographical areas of Asia and Australia. It affects of rich flora and fauna on the island. The nearest neighbors of the island of Lombok are Gili's tiny islands. The main landscapes here is an amazing view of Lombok, snags and stones, powdery-white sand, dairy-turquoise water of the ocean, and also the interesting underwater world. The name of the island of Lombok was received because of the specific form, which remind burning pepper growing on the island in huge amount. There is Rinjani volcano here on the island, which is the second for height in Indonesia - 3.726 meters. The local religion of Lombok - Vekta Telu – represents a combination of Hinduism, Islam and paganism. The most attractive islands near Lombok are Gili's - Gili Meno, Gili Air, Gili Travangan. The area of Gili Travangan is about 330 hectares, island extent along the coast of 6.8 km, the highest point is 72 meters. On Gili's islands motor transport is forbidden. Movement is exclusively on foot, by bicycle or in a horse vehicle.


TRIP TO GILI TRAWANGAN [3 days/4 nights]

Visit the amazing island with white sand. There are no cars and motorcycles, it is convenient to walk or move around on the bike, diving and snorkelling to see a sea turtle near the coast and bask in the warm sun. There is no a place on the island where was heard to hear the sound of the ocean.


GREAT CLIMB Mt RINJANI [6 days/5 nights]

Adventure, which will prepare a spectacular climb, swim in the volcanic lake and the subjugation of Rinjani volcano. An unforgettable experience and wonderful emotions are guaranteed! Trekking requires good physical preparation and experience of several climbs.


CLIMB Mt RINJANI [5 days/ 4 nights]

Adventure which will prepare for you trekking to the crater rim, swimming in the lake and subjugation of the summit of Mt Rinjani. Great feelings and unforgettable memories are guaranteed!


SUNRISE IN LOMBOK [4 days/3 nights]

Rinjani National Park is a magnet for experienced trekkers and for nature lovers. Сlimb to Mt. Rinjani’s Crater Rim in Gunung Rinjani National Park during 2 days and 1 night for wonderful views of the Lake Segara Anak within the volcano’s crater and sunrise! This trek will be good for beginners.

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