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The surprising emerald ocean, desert islands, the exotic underwater beings, the brightest corals and prehistoric monsters – it is possible to see all of these on Komodo island, which is about 390 km2. Komodo and Rinca islands are now the only places on the Earth where huge Komodo dragons can be found. Komodo lizards were finally created at the end of the Jurassic Period and long time were used as inspiration by many people for creation of legends and fairy tales. Locals call them "buaya darat" which means "the land crocodile". These dragons can come into sea water and even cross to the neighboring island, having overcome considerable distances. Komodo and Rincha together with several others islands, are included in the territory of National Komodo Park which was found in 1980. The National Park was stretched on 603 square kilometers of a land and 1214 square kilometers of sea waters. There are no trees and drinking water on the Rinca island.


TRIP TO RINCA ISLAND [2 days/1 night]

Upon arrival you expect amazing encounter with the legendary dragons of our days - Komodo lizards. Giant fossil reptiles, which are contemporaries of the dinosaurs and their most immediate relatives, are preserved in the same form in which they were 20 million years ago. You will also snorkle in the clear blue water off the coast of the Komodo National Park.


KOMODO DIVING-SAFARI [4 days/3 nights]

The Komodo National Park is believed to have one of the richest marine environments and known as the most amazing diving destination in South-East Asia. Its spectacular attractions are shallow reefs with beautiful coral gardens, an opportunity of diving in currents, when you can admire schools of dogtooth tunas and barracudas as well as sharks patrolling in this area. The Komodo National Park is also home for huge manta rays. During this amazing The Komodo Park diving-safari you will get as many sites as possible; hence each diving is organized in a different spot.

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