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The island of Flores, which is 13,540 km2, is surprising in its variety as only here it is possible to climb the volcano and see multi-colored lakes from height, to observe original way of life of Indonesians, to see traditional flavor and only from here it is possible to reach Komodo National park. There is the interesting underwater world in outskirts of the western coast as waters of warm Pacific and cold Indian oceans meet here, that leads to an upwelling, the phenomenon, which is promoting rapid development of living creatures. The name "Flores" occurs from Portuguese Cabo de Flores, which means "cape of flowers". About 85% of the population here is Catholics, but despite of this fact, many people are still guided by traditional beliefs. One of the most interesting places on the island of Flores is Kelimutu volcano. In three craters of this volcano are colored lakes consist of various minerals because of what within several years they change the coloring from black to turquoise, red-brown or green. The lake in the west of volcano is called as Tivu-Ata-Mbupu (the lake of old men), others two are called Tivu-Nua-Muri-Kookh-Tai (the lake of boys and girls) and Tivu-Ata-Polo (the bewitched lake).


AUTHENTIC FLORES [4 days/3 nights]

You will experience a great adventure across the island of Flores, starts off the west coast of the island and ending with the ascent to the mysterious volcano Kelimutu with its three-colored lakes. Journey introduces the traditional villages of the island, beautiful lakes, rice fields, arachnoid, and all of these definitely will bring joy to your vacation.


FLORES & RINCA [2 days/1 night]

Enjoy the atmosphere of the west coast of the island of Flores staying in a wooden house on a hill with an exceptional view of the bay in sunset light. Beside an amazing trip to Rinca, where are Komodo lizards walk around, you will be guided through the most interesting places on the western side of Flores. Night in a cozy bungalows with beautiful views of the bay will add pleasant memories.

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