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You will visit the temple hidden in the highlands Ulundanu Bratan, dedicated to the goddess of the lake - Deva Danau, a local fruit market, Git-Git waterfall, the most "lace" temple on the island - Bedji, as well as the hot springs in Banjar. After we will settle in a cozy bungalow in the village of Pemuteran. In the morning after breakfast we will drive to Menjangan Island, snorkeling off the coast and then in the afternoon will start our trip back to the south, through local villages and rice fields.


You will visit the north part of the island, a small village, named Lovina. Early in a morning you will start your adventure in seeing sunrise scenes and wild dolphins in Bali Sea. And despite of the early road to the coast you will receive great impressions from these so you will forget about the early time of a day. After the voyage, short swimming in the surprisingly warm water will follow as well as pass of temple, volcano and lake Batur and coffee plantations on your way back.


An interesting trip to the Highlands in the north of the island where the lake once filled the crater of an active volcano Catur is situated at an altitude of 1200 meters above the sea level. You will visit the temple of Ulan Danu, built by the lake on a small island in the 17th century, and admire the great GitGit waterfall as well as the most famous and amazing temple in the island - Tanah Lot.


A long way from south coast of the island will bring you to a wonderful sleepy little fishing-town. Just an hour from Candi Dasa is Bali’s best-kept secret - the enchanting bays that make up the Amed area. The way to Amed will give some spectacular views. The landscape of lush ricefields is changed into interesting dive sites and relaxing snorkling. Amed gives a wonderful underwater views of colorful coral gardens and spectacular variety of fish. Take a great opportunity of relaxing snorkeling just 30 m away from the shore. In spite of a small beach side, the coast of Amed village looks very charming with its fishing boats and small black and red stones instead of the usual for Bali sand.


This sunset tour will bring you to Tanah Lot temple, the most beautiful temple of the island. This one of Bali’s most heavily promoted landmarks sets dramatically on a small island about 100 m off the coast. As it name suggests, the temple is situated at the meeting point of a land (tanah) and a sea (lot). The part that faces the sea is dedicated to the Balinese goddess of the sea, while the landward side is thought to be the seat of the gods from Gunung Batukau. The temple was also built in order to protect Bali against scourges and epidemics.


Firstly, you will enjoy the best seafood in the island with a view to the ocean at Jimbaran Bay. After, you will visit a temple on the cliff. Uluwatu temple is one of six Bali’s most sacred places of worship. Monkeys, cliff, azure waves, blue and violet sarongs and an amazing sunset – this is all about Uluwatu. During the sunset Kecak dance starts. This is one of the most ancient Balinese dances, which presents a part of Ramayana. The performance shows a story of love between Rama and Sita, who were driven out to the forest, followed by the story of theft and rescue of Sita by Rama and King of monkeys.

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