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The First in Indonesia: Breakfast with Orangutans at Bali Zoo. Breakfast in the zoo might be a common thing, but breakfast with Orangutan? That would be one kind of an experience! As the first one in Indonesia, Bali Zoo has launched a ‘Breakfast with Orangutans’ program. Now, guests are not only able to eat breakfast like a king, but also with some of the kings in the jungle: orangutans.


Spend amazing hours walking along the gorgeous beach or rice terraces! Riding a horse is an amazing feeling. You feel the horse's power and it is your power too. Its as if you can read each other's minds and you are of one heart. Walking is so very relaxing. You just sit there and kind of sway with the horse. Trotting if bouncy and a lot of fun! Come and feel it, it is so amazing!


Om Swastyastu……is an authentic greeting of Balinese people once entering the village……
Taman Sari Buwana is a semi social activity which is developed related to sustainable tourism concept. The tourist attraction offered is referring to the potential resources of the village itself, both natural and human resources. Through this alternative tourism will do hope elevate both local skill as well as economic scale of the village.


Get your full day out the town full of exploration of marine life! We are going to Nusa Penida or Tulamben (on your choice) to enjoy all day snorkeling and swimming there. Find out the secret wreck of the American cargo ship Liberty or meet travally, parrot fishes, trigger, grouper and corals. Spend the majority of your time relaxing in the sun and snorkeling.


Get unforgettable memories by touching the nature. We are at the amazing Bali Bird Park. It is a great about 2 hectares home for almost 1000 birds of 250 different species from different Indonesian islands as well as from South America and Africa. By living in busy cities we don’t have an opportunity and much time to get close to the nature. So take a chance to touch the nature.


Bali Safari & Marine Park is a home to hundreds amazing animals representing more than 50 species, including some of rare and endangered ones. Combining Balinese cultural environment with African Savannah, Bali Safari and Marine Park features Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, white tiger, leopard, komodo dragon and many other fascinating creatures.


Unforgettable adventure at the elephant's Eden for the whole family! The first thing you notice upon entry at the Elephant Safari Park are the 3,5 hectares of abundant Botanical Gardens and forest surrounding the giant herd of elephants. Sumatran Elephants thrive best in the moist hills and forest as their natural habitat. The Park in Taro has the perfect climate and forest area for the health and safety of the elephants.


The zoo set in 12 acres lush tropical garden and flowers surrounded, very up market zoo with 100s quality build habitats including petting area for animals, walk through bird aviaries, Gibbon Islands, and Komodo Dragon cage and latest open range for African lions den. Bali Zoo is the perfect wildlife conservatory for the finest collection of Indonesian and other countries exotic animals. The Zoo takes visitors on a virtual jungle tour, where you can see the animals close up, and admire the tropical flora and beautiful setting.

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