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By paratrike you can see the world by eyes of birds, you will see the beauty which will not leave you indifferent to the sky. Paratrike is the smallest double aircraft which is relating to the ultralight aviation. It consists of an open-titanium trike in three chassis fitted with engine and a wing - paraglider.


Canyoning is an full of fun outdoor adventure and sport where you use such techniques as caving, walking, wading, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling, sliding down natural slopes, and/or swimming in white water. According to your wish, your own level and requirement, you can select your ideal descent of canyon among various and spectacular graded itineraries as described below.


Paragliding is a flight in its simplest form. Get a unique experience to soar high above the earth like an eagle using only the winds as your source of power. A Paraglider is a simple wing that uses "lift" to fly just the same as a bird uses the wind to do it. It is easy and safe to learn and requires no power source unlike other conventional aircraft, but it is much easier to make a tandem flight.


Get your day full of water fun at one place!


Surfing is a life! Don't miss your chance to try the most trending sport in Bali with its perfect ways all year long!


Two hours, visually spectacular rafting trip down the Ayung River or Telaga Waja is made even more enjoyable and comfortable by the brand new industry leading, safety approved equipment. This adventure for guests of all ages is a mix of wild excitement, breath taking views and well guided, informative, sightseeing. 10% OFF for readers.


Escape from the tourist center to Kintamani cooler climates of Bali Mountain region. Using mountain bikes and safety equipment, the downhill trail from Pludu village will lead you through sleepy villages along little-used roads and tracks. Frequent stops are made along the way giving you the opportunity to view aged temple compounds and shady plantations bearing a variety of crops.

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