Previously, for me the word "bamboo" was associated with a panda eating sprouts plant but now (after several years living in Indonesia) - a new eco-solution appeared in Bali.

The Dali of Bali

Antonio Blanco's world is charismatic collages and watercolours' transitions, soft tints and amazing frames, which the maestro made by himself. They include metal and wood, and even soap and cigarette. The artworks are shocking behaviour and bombast. Nevertheless, his artworks are collections of private collectors around the world. Don Antonio Blanco is often called "The Dali of Bali", but it is up to you how to call him. Anyway, most of his artworks are stricken may be not by it techniques but its elegance of frames and their harmonious match with the picture.

Welcome to Bamboo Heaven

When most people think about bamboo as a building material, they envision the clunky and cumbersome 70’s style furniture which can still be found in any Balinese homes and restaurants. However, all that changed! In witness of it – a unique bamboo heaven in Green School where everything from doors to shelves is made from organic bamboo.

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