Bull Races

The Negara Bull Races in Bali is held in Perancak, a little way away from Negara, and are a Balinese tradition. Negara Bull Races in Bali are one of the many Bali Events and Festivals in the month of June/July, and are held between July and October, on Sundays.

Gambling Kiss or Kiss Festival

Kissing is actually a taboo in public for Balinese culture. However, Balinese never mind if the tourists (especially from western part) do that in public. A tolerance is something that people love from Balinese. So, is it possible that parents making their teenagers kiss in public? Oh, yeh…

Balinese New Year

The day of strange monsters, overcrowded super markets, near-empty streets and a great number of bamboo boxes with flowers and rice, - welcome, the day of Silence is coming up!

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