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ГВК - Паданг-Паданг - Улувату - Джимбаран
12 am - 8 pm TEMPLE ON THE CLIFF

Firstly, you will enjoy the best seafood in the island with a view to the ocean at Jimbaran Bay. After, you will visit a temple on the cliff. Uluwatu temple is one of six Bali’s most sacred places of worship. Monkeys, cliff, azure waves, blue and violet sarongs and an amazing sunset – this is all about Uluwatu. During the sunset Kecak dance starts. This is one of the most ancient Balinese dances, which presents a part of Ramayana. The performance shows a story of love between Rama and Sita, who were driven out to the forest, followed by the story of theft and rescue of Sita by Rama and King of monkeys.

The price for the trip: $45 per car (1 - 6 people)

All trips are provided with air-conditioned individual transport, drinking water per pax, and payment of the required parking spaces. Trips can be paid in the local currency - rupees. Additional fees are paid to the temples, tickets for the route (unless otherwise noted) and lunch separately, English speaking guide is provided according to request ($ 30).