What is sold for tourists?

The island, as any other touristic place, offers many interesting stuff. Some words about what is usually can you get in local art galleries, stores and specialized oleh-oleh (souvenir) stores.

Batik and many different goods made of it: from pillow cases to case for glasses. The beauty of colors and difference of motives could be found everywhere here.



Indonesia is famous by its wood craft masters. Each island has its ideas and motives, inspired by religion and cultural traditions. Bali is, for example, offers dancers

or statue of Ganesha. Although he is known by many other attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify. According to Heras, the author of the book The Problem of Ganapati, 1972, Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, Vighneshvara, patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom.


or favorite in the Balinese culture statue of Barong -revered as the positive power and order.

Many local galleries offer the big crafted pictures with the stories from Balinese culture, which are the unique hard work.

Some wood craft is painted by sp[ecial batik technique.

In the art center of Bali, Ubud, it is easy to find paints made by local masters.

And even to see the process of creation the next beautiful paint.
Close location to the ocean gives a great variety of shells with different sizes with unforgettable noise of wild waves.

Many goods are made of shells: spoons, statues, bowl.


The major part of the galleries are filled by music instruments. All of them made of natural elements: coconut wood, buffulo skin, dried fruits, shells, tick wood, etc. They all thunder and jingle, and painted hand made.

A great number of natural soaps and massage oils fills any oleh-oleh store: lavander, ginger, frangipani, rose, lotus, mango, green tea, coffee and many other exotic scents.


There is a nice ceramic gallery in the island, where the tableware of any color are made and sold by the piece. Similar stuff but of the different quality is sold at the local markets next to the main sights.

Not all art stores sell the wall plates but still you could find some nice pieces with Bali's symbols.
There are many different braided by hand baskets, vases, bowls, trivets and so on.


By the way, it is possible to find some souvenirs from Java, for example, traditional dolls, or
Loro Blonyo - a couple, which should be at any Javanese house. In translation from Javanese language "loro blonyo" means  "two becomes one".  The statue is a symbol of the God and Goddess of fertility in Javanese culture: Devi (Goddess) Cri and God Sadono.
One more interesting souvenir is arak (made of sugar palm) and rice wine. Arak is bottled in nice ceramik vessel with the barong face on it.


where it place arak sale