Welcome to Bamboo Heaven

When most people think about bamboo as a building material, they envision the clunky and cumbersome 70’s style furniture which can still be found in any Balinese homes and restaurants. However, all that changed! In witness of it – a unique bamboo heaven in Green School where everything from doors to shelves is made from organic bamboo.
Green School is an amazing example of organic project not just for Bali but for the whole world. There are a lot of articles about Green School not just in eco-magazines but also in popular media such as Marie Clair, The New York Times, The Yak, Time, and others. Our blog would like to post about this wonderful school as well because it was there opened first Green Camp for kids!
Everything is very interesting in this school. First of all, its architecture and the materials which were used for its construction. All facilities on the Campus have been designed and built using Indonesian bamboo, local alang-alang grass, traditional mud walls, and mud bricks, Paras stones to minimize the use of non-sustainable materials such as plastics and concretes, no glue and no chemicals finishes are used as well. 
Even the old unnecessary parachute was used for the roof of the classroom. It is warmed by hot air and looks very cute!
The advantages of the choice of the main material are visible: bamboo secretes 30% more oxygen than other plans, extent of carbon dioxide absorption much higher than usual planes. Moreover, it grows faster than any plant, is 50 times stronger than oak yet extremely light and flexible, which leaves much for the imagination and creativity. In fact, bamboo is just beginning to to shrug off its vulgar reputation, helped along by the renewed attention we human beings are now paying to our environment. A lot of people support Green School and their names are carved on bamboo in the Heart of School.
No doubt, the most impressive building in the Green School is the Heart of School. 64 m in width and 18 m in high this may well turn out to be the largest bamboo building in the world. In order to create the magnificent spiral roof of this building, the “Golden Mean” principle was used which dates back beyond the times of the pyramids.   
There fruits and vegetables are grown in the school garden as well as 30 000 bamboo sprouts per annum which are distributed free to farmers preliminary invite them to  master class about the correct care of plants. Then, subsidiary PT Bambu buys bamboo up from farmers, ipso facto endowing in the economy and strengthen scientists’ hopes that cultivation of bamboo is able to improve pollution, at least in Bali.


Buildings are cooled by micro-hydro and solar power. There are compost toilets, and the canteen stoves are powered by methane from cow manure. The vortex generator is only the second of its kind in the world, generating hydroelectric power by diverting the flow of the river into a 9 m hole, thus creating a whirlpool which in turn powers a turbine that can generate enough electricity to light the whole school. Even school desk is made from recycled cars’ mirrors, it is very ecological!
Recently, the project of Green School got the short-list of Aga Khan Awards for Architecture. Besides the fact that the building of the school is amazing, it gives an opportunity to study here not just for expats’ kids but also for Indonesian.
Besides standard primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school, there are green studies, creative arts and physical education & sports. So, kids draw by paints and inks from natural materials, prepare paper from natural vegetation and manufacture it into useful products (cards, wrapping paper, etc.), learn batik techniques, participate into puppetry, sculpture with clay that easily could be found next to Ayung river and firing their works in a bamboo sawdust-fired kiln. 

Green school brings up new generation, free-thinking, talented, open-minded, tolerant to other cultures and religions, cared of nature people. Perhaps, this idea deserving attention and participation!