Travelling Food

The sold food is different. As I observed, there you could find bakso, grilled corn, sate, veggie rolls, and very popular in the island bua, es bua, and es kelapa. also it is possible to find just regular carts with a variety of foods and drinks, such as goring pisang, ote-ote, jus. So, here are more details about each of them.     

Bakso, or a meat-ball soup.  Bakso is a type of traveling food by motorcycle or cart. You could hear it by usual sound created by spoon and plate in lunch and dinner time.   Commonly, meat-balls are made from chicken or beef. Other ingredients of the soup are rice noodles, sliced fried tofu, sometimes lonton (sticky rice) or sliced cabbage. All of them are dressed by soy sauce and spicy sauce if you wish. Each owner of such warung has its own secrete for cooking bakso. Some of them make meat-balls different sizes, others put just two huge ones.

Sate, or meat on the bamboo sticks. Generally, it is a small dish of chicken, beef, pork or goat. Uncooked piece of meat in the amount of 3 to 5 are stringed to the bamboo stick and grilled around 10 minutes, served with sauce. Very often such warungs sell lontong, sticky rice, and warm spicy soup with goat meat wich is very useful in the case of cold.   
Jagung, or corn. Perhaps, the most delicious dish which could be easy found on the main public beaches. Everything is just in the right place in this small cart. You could try grilled sweet corn or get spicy one. 
Vegetarian rolls. This is truly travelling warung. Women carry a small tray on their heads. Vegetarian rolls made of rice noodles and veggies as well as fried tofu are cut by scissors to a small paper corner and then are seasoned by warm sweet souse. This is favorite kids’ delicacies. 
Tipat Tahu. This is a fried small-cut tofu seasoned by sweet sause.

It is usually served with lontong, sticky rice, covered by banana leaf or hand-made banana box.
Ote-Ote. This is a small fried patty made either of just veggies or tofu and rice noodles. It could be sold from the motorcycles together with dark orange-colour juice jamu which is very healthy drink, however, very bitter.
Goreng pisang, or fried bananas. Pretty easy dish –deep fried banana tempura. 

Buah, or fruits. Travelling around main tourists areas it is easy to notice a motorbike with a small tray on the back.

There are a choice of usually fresh cut fruits such as papaya, nanas, dragon fruit, watermelon, melon and others. Here you also could try the fruit salad made of nanas, jambo, papaya, cucumber and others, seasoned by spicy sauce.  


Es buah, or fruits in the sweet syrup. There are no any grills, hot pots, but it has the same style of serving. In a small tray on the cart small cupping glasses of fruits and jelly are put in the front: watermelon, melon, jack-fruit, papaya, nanas, tape, lengkong and colorful jelly in the shape of balls, squares or even line. All of it are covered by milk with syrup or sugar and add some ice.        
Es kelapa, or young coconut. There are two ways of serving: you could choose the coconut and it will be opened for you, or you could get a cup of coconut milk, pulp and ice which beforehand are stocked in the pot.