Top-5 in Pematang Siantar

Your way to Lake Toba  will pass the main streets of Pematang Siantar where are many tasty things to be tried.

1. Try the famous snacks made from peanuts and sesame in the well-known around "ASLI" store.

2. Buy a jar of fresh and 100% natural srikaya jam, which is very different from srikaya sold in the island of Bali by its taste and color.  You can find it in any bakery store, for example, Francis Bakery  next to the big supermarket Suzuya.

3. People from Sumatra knows  the best soup pangsit from Siantar, it is truly very tasty. I will recommend pangksit cooked in Awai Restaurant, in Jln. Surabaya.


4. There is a big Chinese area in the city, so that you can find a great choice of Chinese dishes with  great prices.


5. The main feature of the city is becak, it is an auto rickshaw. In Pematang they are different from those from Medan but, of course, are the same  3-wheeled cabin cycles. It is very fun to get ride by this.