Sunrise on the volcano Batur

Batur Volcano - is one of the powerful places in Bali... Having been there once you will understand the power of nature and the universe. It's an incredible feeling - touching force, earth energy, which clean the mind and give new inspiration.

The magic started in deep of night .... darkness, only the sound of night animals and flickering lights moving away with every step  from the material world. 2 hours on the difficult way through the mountains and stones from last  volcano  eruption in the 1935 .... feeling incredible just of thinking   that here was once flowed hot lava .... this majestic volcano, nature's mother-and you completely helpless creature of the material world.


With each step all the warmer and warmer .... your  thought becomes warmer  as the body! Finally we are here  on the spot!
The cold air  coming, the darkness begins to dissipate with each passing moment ... you feel as nature awakes ... and all beauty, force, energy  opens for you.... from a height of 1700 meters you can see creation of universe ! The power  of the ocean, lake Batur,  volcano Agung, the surviving remnants of lava !


After such an incredible panorama  something  pulls you  to see more, feel stronger, to be reunited with the immortal!

And you go to the peak of the volcano, the crater!Make a circle of purification! You give respect and gratitude! Incredible sense of cover you in the height of 1717m when you see everything  close to you  and greeting the sun! Go out from  these magical places impossible! We spent  there all morning!





Do you want to feel and see the same increadible? Go for it! Join us!