Hot north

We were in Lovina  in six minutes after passing Singaraja. Singaraja is a quite popular northern destination for tourist. The northern part of Lovina surround rice terraces, coconut palms and hotels, and the south of the road leading to the nearby village, behind which rise the mountains in the distance.


Lovina means "I love Indonesia," but not in translation from Indonesian, but with a shortening of "I love Indonesia". The main thing of this place is  that just here you can see  wild dolphins! For best rest  you need to wake up and  come early around 5:30 and rent a traditional fishing boat. Here is one of those on the beach.

Balinese fishermens  already knows where  usually inhabit these intelligent animals. The impressions received from jumping wild dolphins in the ocean and charm of sunrise in the ocean will make you forgetting  about the early time of the day)))). By the way, the sand in Lovina black, volcanic, not to pitch black, of course, but significantly different from the other islands of sand.
In Lovina on the street Jl. Binaria can see modern sculpture dolphin.
 Lovina also have a spesial place with water  dolphin show, where  you can swim with the dolphins and catch the unforgettable experience. As well here you can make practice  of  dolphin  medicinal therapy.
Still, in Lovina grapes, which is the production of wine, and very sweet melons, such honest, delicious, I have not eaten in Bali, whether nedovozyat from north to south, or from Java to us closer ... Price for watermelon at 9 pounds 15 thousand rupees, about 50 rubles.
Inspite of the strong  sun we visited  the hot springs Banzhar. From Lovina is about 10 minutes away. It was about  4pm and  full of tourists.
The water in pools is such hot but still not like in Sumatra ... in Sumatra you scared  to  drop your foot into the water  but this one is such a nice and does not burn. The color of water is green with yellow crumbs because  thermal water have  curative effect for the skin.
Upper pool  is 1 meter of the deep, not very wide, the bottom pool  is  2 meters.

It was nice to  swim here and also  have  everything for comfortable rest like lockers for things and showers.