Fishing village Jimbaran

Jimbaran, perhaps the same popular word in Bali like Kuta. And all because, here serves fresh seafood right on the coast. In addition, this fishing village has fish market with an incredible abundance of all kinds of sea delicacies. Jimbaran can be divided into north and south, and they are like two different worlds. At the southern end of the beach located famous chain of hotel Four Seasons, luxury villas but on the north part closer to the airport runway situated fish market. This part is immediately recognizable - only here an incredible number of fishing boats, and many scattered networks of marine debris on the sand. Among these boats you feel something exciting, picturesque ...



Very often you can see the fishermen who sell freshly caught fish.


And these pretty good shark will go into the soup.


The market opens from 9 am until late at night, but it is better to buy seafood early in the morning cause  the range more and everything is fresh. Here, a huge tuna, highbrow fish, red snepperov, eels, clams, live crabs, squid, shrimp sizes, octopus and lobsters.



The market is small, only a few narrow series but have  a lot of ice in containers and characteristic fishy smell. Having bought the fish, you can ask the seller to clean it immediately. And across the street from the market you can find a small tray where you cook on the grill all your delicious marine reptiles.