Previously, for me the word "bamboo" was associated with a panda eating sprouts plant but now (after several years  living in Indonesia) - a new eco-solution  appeared in Bali. Inside deepest  jungles of the island you can find  hidden bamboo "Green School" which  was built without a single nail, and among the coconut plantations grew a range of bamboo houses. This is the houses of the future, where the interior is well thought-out in their  details and  everything is comfortable , functional and at the same time elegant and luxurious.

Careful processing to protect bamboo  from harmful insects and moisture, makes its easy using even in the kitchen .

There are no glass windows, there is no conventional walls, everything is open to the sun which makes good  circulating of  air  and fresh feeling even on the hottest day.



This  is a paradise for busy  urban centers  and the dream of  house on a tree for  any children.
Fast-growing bamboo is used as a scaffold for the construction of buildings in Asia, but the company "Ibuka International" turned into a new discovery in bamboo designs . This environmentally friendly material rather flexible, which allows for create soft lines in  furniture. Fretted  details makes  by hand and you can see their unique style when sunlight  play into ornaments.

So, a new interesting project of Ibuka is the "Green Village". Inside the village will be constructed three dozen of  homes, with a total area of land of 3 hectares. Five homes have already their owners, while 4 of them is still under sales  decision. The houses have an area of ​​from 150 to 300 square meters and is 98% built out of bamboo. The company also plans to equip the village with electricity derived from biomass, so it will rightfully be called "green." All projects have their own models of houses and  also entirely made of bamboo.



It is also important to note that the company specifically growth bamboo, increasing it in numerical form, so there is no special destroying forest for the buildings , the tropical jungles remain untouched!