The ceremony on a cliff

The rings, champagne,blessing with rice and  holy water, cliff, sunbeams on the blue surface of the water and the eddies of emotion ... All this for the happy couple Dima and Catherine in a wonderful day of the Balinese blessing ceremony.
Cliff, with an unusually spectacular views of the ocean, has been prepared to welcome the couple: red carpet of petals, open smiles of the Balinese people,  sound of gamelan with bamboo keys with  noise of the waves on the beach.


The way to altar


The ceremony began with cleansing the newlyweds: they were cleaned with  incense and sacred mantras.



After begins the ceremony of the wedding blessing.  The priest  cleaned hands of newlyweds  in holy water for  their deeds become pure. Then puted  some water on their head  - for the purity of thought, for  internal cleansing Dima and Katherine drank a small quantity.


And in the end priest tied  the holy rope-bracelets on the newlyweds hands and blessed the holy water, dipped in rice.


Sharing a solid "yes" and rings we saw  more happy faces of the bride and groom!

 Confetti  of flowers brought the universal joy.

And here is a time for celebration and ...


.. magic photo shoot on the beach.

Wonderful ceremony with Balinese and Christian priest is available here.