The Buddhist stupa

Let me remind you that traveling from  Bali to Jakarta by land, we specifically turned on to solo Jokjakarta to visit Borobudur Prabanan and unique historical monuments. Borobudur - the largest Buddhist temple in the world, truly a miracle of light, because once upon a time it was built, but on people for many hundreds of years due to the eruption of Volcano Merapi. Dutch people found it  covered in ashes and overgrown with jungle. Till this days  Buddhists and tourists from all over the world come here  to rise on the top of each  eight stages of this great stupa, maden like a giant mandala. This mandala is a scheme of the universe according to Buddhist ideas. Five of the lower tiers - the square and the top three - round.

The main entrance to the temple.

The cost of entry for foreign tourists 120,000 IR for the Indonesians and the owners Kitas only 20,000 IR per weekday and 23,000 IR at the weekend. Entrance to the dawn - 300-400.000 IR. Since we spent the night in Jokjakarta  we did not think about  beautiful sunrise in the temple with  the majestic volcano Merapi. After Prabanana we moved immediately to  Borobudur.

Rising first to the lower tiers, we looked at the bas-reliefs of religious subjects.


Some of the statues, unfortunately, without heads.
But there is a surviving as well
Upstairs we were met by guards, who missed to the upper tiers just   only 10 people per one time. The upper tier is situated 72 small stupas surrounding one large central stupa. In each stupa is placed a statue of Buddha and it is believed that touching the Buddha through each cavity in a mortar to bring happiness. Its amazing to be  on a large stupa, surrounded by many small stupas!

At the upper levels there are several open stupas with intact statues.

That day we could not see volcano Merapi, so after  passing the upper tiers few times we decided come back down.

The entire volume of the entire structure of approximately 55,000 m ³. The stupa was built of two million blocks of stone. Until now, scientists could not determine the exact date and duration of the construction of this temple, it is assumed that the temple was built in the VII-IX centuries. Of course, the temple has great significance for the pilgrims, after all, the construction can be seen as an enormous book of life of the Buddha and his teachings with the elements. Read it must be in a clockwise direction, starting from the bottom tier. The three levels represent the three areas of residence - Kamadhatu (the sphere of passion), Rupadhatu (spherical forms) and Arupadhatu (a sphere with no forms).


On the  exit of  the temple you can see  Borobudur stones , by the way, the temple was restored a little bit  and  the eastern and southern entrances to the upper stupas were closed.
Fly to Jokjakarta from Bali cost about 700,000 rupees in both directions per person. Less than $ 100. So if you want a cheap ticket to this amazing place and hotel near the temple, feel free to contact us ( or by phone in Indonesia 6281263548727.