Beach-beach-beach !

There are heavenly Gili islands just in 2 hours from Bali island (by speed boat from Padang Bai Harbor, on which we offer a  speacil deal) or  about 15 minutes from  Lombok by  speed boat trip from the harbor - little Gili Air, Gili Meno & Gili Trawanga. The latter is the most developed and popular among other Gilis, because of construction boom during last year, and now there are  a lot of villas, bungalows, & guesthouses, different nice restaurants and  cafes next to the shore of the island. All of them are situated on the east side of the island, while the other side is still full of wild calm beaches.  Partly Gili became famous due to the bestseller of Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat. Pray. Love", in which the author mentioned Gili Meno:  "The Island itself is tiny, pristine, sandy, blue water, palm trees. It’s a perfect circle with a single path that goes around it, and you can walk the whole circumference in about an hour. It’s located almost exactly on the equator, and so there’s a changelessness about its daily cycles. The sun comes up on one side of the island at about 6:30 in the morning and goes down on the other side at around 6:30 pm, every day of the year. There is no spot on this island from which you cannot hear the ocean. There are no motorized vehicles here.  It’s the quietest place I’ve ever been". It is all fair for Gili Trawanga: there is no any motorized vehicles, you could walk by feet, use a bicycle or ride the horse, and the ocean is truly heard everywhere, as the island is cycled and very small - you can walk the whole circumference in about half an hour or spend 45 minutes by using a bicycle. Even during the high season, since July to September, it is solitarily and mysterious in the west side of the island.

The common landscape is adorable view to Lombok, snags and stones, sand as a powder, boats and motton blue ocean....


The shore is full of treasure of broken corals and stones, which are used here quite well. 

In spite of the fact that people really care for the rules not to drop anchor, the reef is different next to shore from the one many years ago, but the marine life is still amazing here.


Snorkeling is one of the main things to do in the island; therefore it is just easy to find the equipment for rent just for a good price. Just get a little bit farer from the shore to enjoy the marine life here and even meet a turtle.  There is a good conservation of them, the turtles are grown up and swim to their homeland.

Just like that - get a ride for 150.000 Rp around the island during approximately 45 min.  Just to know - the area of Gili Trawanga is  330 hа, circle is 6.8 km/ 4.3 Miles and the highest point is 72 m/236 feet.
The night life is in full swing at "center", which simple name of the main place of fun and entertainment - bars & restaurants, spa & atm.
Around here is the main beach with the easy stopping, which will be very comfortable if you travel with kids.
In order not to feel lost here and don't to be confused, get your directions

Inside the island is not that habitable just a huge number of coconut palms.


This is just a heaven on a small 330 ha of land in the middle of the warm motton blue ocean...