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Why is the ocean low?

One day, hitting the beach at low tide, do not rush to blame the island and surrounding ocean. Perpetrators are not "quality" of the ocean and the price of the resort, and the attraction of the moon and sun. We will not go into details, but just try to tell the tale.

Bull Races

The Negara Bull Races in Bali is held in Perancak, a little way away from Negara, and are a Balinese tradition. Negara Bull Races in Bali are one of the many Bali Events and Festivals in the month of June/July, and are held between July and October, on Sundays.

Surf-trends of the island

Girls always puzzle over the question what to get to the hot island for a vocation. But maybe it is better to get an empty bag? There are all summer hot surf-brands in the island which will charm you by their great choice and, moreover, you will not need to rush about the city to look for a right summer dress during winter season. The end of the post give you some necessary addresses.

Beach-beach-beach !

Most of Bali's visitors don't lose the opportunity to spend some days in the great white beaches of Gili islands, where it is glad to walk on the long shores, pick some shells up and dip into beautiful marine life.

Batak heritage

This post about Batak heritage and historical places for visit.

Top-5 in Pematang Siantar

If you are going to Lake Toba and you stay for a while in Pematang Siantar, check this list of what is good there.

The largest volcanic lake in the world

Living in Bali we always take an opportunity to visit other islands of Indonesia, as each of them keeps its gems and amazing culture, traditions and nature. This time we were going to Sumatra island, to Medan, from where we started our short but amazing journey to the cool lake situated in the crater of the super volcano Toba, which was active in former times. This post is about beautiful nature of this place.

What is sold for tourists?

The island, as any other touristic place, offers many interesting staff. Some words about what is usually can you get in local art galleries, stores and specialized oleh-oleh (souvenir) stores.

The Dali of Bali

Antonio Blanco's world is charismatic collages and watercolours' transitions, soft tints and amazing frames, which the maestro made by himself. They include metal and wood, and even soap and cigarette. The artworks are shocking behaviour and bombast. Nevertheless, his artworks are collections of private collectors around the world. Don Antonio Blanco is often called "The Dali of Bali", but it is up to you how to call him. Anyway, most of his artworks are stricken may be not by it techniques but its elegance of frames and their harmonious match with the picture.

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