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Riding on the horse

One day we went to visit a friends Arif and Carmen! This couple already 4 years in Bali takes care of the most beautiful and intelligent animals in the world!

Hot north

The north of the island even hotter if you will dip in a hot spring!

The ceremony on a cliff

The rings, champagne,blessing with rice and holy water, cliff, sunbeams on the blue surface of the water and the eddies of emotion ... All this for the happy couple Dima and Catherine in a wonderful day of the Balinese blessing ceremony.

Sunrise on the volcano Batur

It's an incredible feeling - touching force, earth energy, which clean the mind and give new inspiration.

The Buddhist stupa

Borobudur - the largest Buddhist temple in the world, truly a miracle of light, because once upon a time it was built, but left many hundreds of years due to the eruption of Volcano Merapi.


Previously, for me the word "bamboo" was associated with a panda eating sprouts plant but now (after several years living in Indonesia) - a new eco-solution appeared in Bali.

Balangan Beach

One of our favorite beaches in the south is Balangan, which beautiful in its high and low tide (about why they happen, already mentioned here). The closed bay, yellow sandy, blue water on a sunny day, and, of course, orange sunsets ... In order not to load a lot of text I will show a small selection of this magical place, where at least one time need to visit ..

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