About Us

Allisa Indo Tour was established in 2009 and has already helped many travelers to explore thousands of colors and shades of the wonderful island of Bali. Our mission is to make your vocation extremely unforgettable without any extra efforts for you.  We gather everything worthwhile to see and visit, test and feel, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, just let us know and we make your dreams come true!  Bali is something very special - it is place where everything is possible either it is a submarine dive, beach horse riding, monkey hugging experience or paragliding and canyon adventure!  Join us for your next vacation plan and feel true Bali with its sky-blue ocean, black and yellow sands, incredible sunsets, majestic volcanoes, impassable jungles, spectacular marine life, unique culture and religion… We promise, you will not regret!

For your convenience, we speak English, Indonesian & Russian. Don't be shy to ask us for discounts, we are more than glad to offer you our best deals! If you are lost somewhere in Indonesia, don't give up - we always find for you inexpensive  domestic ticket to where you need in Indonesia, don't hesitate to contact us any time by e-mail (info@allisaindotour.com) or phone call (+623617417617 или +623618470369). We are open 7 days a week, since 7:00 am till 23:00. We are not just working on-line, you always can come to visit us in our office at Jalan Uluwatu II, 100 m right to McDonald's Jimbaran. You are welcome!